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Terms & Conditions

1. All childcare fees are to be paid on or before the 7 th of each month, these can be paid by either cash, cheques made payable to Buzzbee Babes or via Bank Transfer in which details are available on request.

2. For payments which are not received in part or full by the 7 th of each month will incur a £15.00 late payment charge.

3. Fees which remain unpaid going into the next invoice period will incur a fee, this is 10% of the remaining unpaid balance and will be added every month that they bill remains unpaid.

4. There is a £60.00 deposit which is refundable off your first months fees and also a non-refundable £15.00 registration fee – this does not apply for children who are just accessing their 15 hours funding.

5. Four weeks written notice is required to decrease sessions, change sessions or book any holiday. Anything not booked within this time may be charged.

6. Holidays booked within the 4 week notice period will be charged at 50%, we also charge this rate for Bank Holidays however we do not charge for the entire period we are closed over Christmas and New Year.

7. Unfortunately fees are to be paid if your child is off sick, however in exceptional circumstances additional agreements made be made with management.
You should be aware that Sickness and Diarrhea has an incubation period of 48 hours, therefore your child must remain off for this period of time from the last time they were sick or had upset stomach.

8. There is a charge of £5.25 per child per 15 minutes they are late being collected after the booked and original agreed collection time.

9. You should call us in advance if someone different is collecting your child, this allows us to ensure that we are aware, have informed staff and have the correct password ready.

10. We operate a very strict Safeguarding Policy which is available to view in reception, should staff have any concerns where possible we will discuss this with parents or carers, any concerns we feel may bring harm to a child will be refereed to Outside Agencies.